Die-cutting systems and services for the Printing Industry

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About BN Graphic


The technical specialists BN Graphic Service overhaul your entire graphic or machine parts in your own workshop or on site. Have you purchased a used machine? BN Graphic Service repairs, revises and puts the machine for you.


Our specialists trained by manufacturers and importers are familiar with the most common faults and problems of the big brands graphic machines. With the problems we try to jam your spot as soon as possible to resolve. For large defects, we have the backup of a specialist workshop. Do you have a machine to malfunction or maintenance, call us so we can help you as soon as possible.


Moving machines have a substantial and time consuming. Whether within your current property or for a new home, a move interrupts your work and is always a threat to your productivity and profitability. One must move quickly, it must be good, it must be within the agreed time and within the agreed budget. BN Graphic Service complements conditions perfect for you. From a single machine to complete the machines are moved to high quality standards. BN Graphic Service moved tens machines per year for various customers in Europe. Sheets of small presses and afwerkunits to 8 or more color web offset presses.


In-house engineering projects are fully realized. In-line die cutting, paper, or settling, synchronizing different components, integrating various finishing operations? You can not think of as crazy or we think there is a solution. Many of our clients have achieved tremendous efficiencies by us, sometimes simple solutions. Our engineers have years of experience in the printing and paper processing industry and can often produce a clear look at your watch and advise on efficiency improvements.